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Welcome to High Country Cotillion!

.....Because Good Manners Don't Just Happen


High Country Cotillion's mission is to prepare High Country students for life beyond the classroom: training our youth in life skills for high school, college, careers, and confidence in social situations. We will teach your child important social etiquette, as well as healthy boy and girl social conduct, while they have a great time at our seriesof social dance parties.

High Country Cotillion will educate and coach your child in social survival skills, such as the art of conversation and listening, while preparing your child for middle school, high school, or to interact with college admission officers, job interviewers, clients, bosses, teachers, or friends. We will discuss appropriate dress for success in the business world or social occasions, as well as respect, consideration, civility, and the importance of eye contact and a firm handshake for your young adult while getting them ready for the world beyond the athletic field and classroom. Your child will learn these and other skills (such as basic dining etiquette, introductions, common courtesies, the importance of punctuality, making apologies, paying compliments, etc.) through role-playing' skits, and interactive discussions, while having a wonderful time in a fun and entertaining setting.

High Country Cotillion dance instructors will see to it that children have an opportunity to partner-dance with every partner in their class on a rotating basis so no one will ever feel left out. Therefore we will strive for an equal number of boys and girls for each class. Once these classes are filled, we will begin a waiting list for the next season’s session.

By promoting healthy social interaction between girls and boys, cotillion will provide an opportunity to modify any negative behaviors and attitudes learned on the playground and influenced by today's culture. For parents of older children, cotillion offers a rare opportunity to observe and influence your child's behavior in preparation for their future dating years.

We want to help parents turn their girls and boys into young ladies and gentlemen. Good manners are a prerequisite for great leadership. Just as a good education leads to competence, learning key social skills builds children's confidence and self-esteem, to become successful business and family leaders.

The positive role models of Cotillion leaders and special guests will influence and motivate your child to be courteous, respectful young adults.

On select Saturday evenings High Country Cotillion sponsors Club Cotillion events for current and past HCC students to socialize in an informal dance setting (after the high school class event). DJ Henry RayBould brings non-stop music and activities for students and their guests. For more information and photos of previous CC events, click Club Cotillion.

Please ask your friends and neighbors who are sending their children to cotillion about our program.

Children who attend cotillion will have a considerable advantage over their peers. High Country Cotillion is a great investment in their future.

For more information or to register, call us at (828) 773-1981 or e-mail us: scarlton@highcountrycotillion.com